I would like to build a house. What is my first step?

  • Decide where you would like to build your future house and buy a plot of land;
  • Choose a standard project on our website that suits you best (all projects can be implemented mirroring any of facade axes);
  • Click Order, fill in the application form and send it to us;
  • A representative of our company will contact you soon to clarify the details and sign the contract.

Please note that, in the Republic of Lithuania, you are not required to obtain a building permit for the construction of low-rise buildings of up to 80 m2 in the territory of garden associations. If you have already bought such a plot or are planning to buy one, the KL-80 project will be a perfect solution.

Which energy efficiency class should I choose, and do I need a building permit? 

  • According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, as of 2021, all residential houses must be rated as A++ in terms of energy efficiency. Also, if you are planning to build a house in a protected area, you must get an appropriate building permit. It takes on average 2-4 months to obtain it.
  • Houses which do not require a building permit:
    * Houses up to 80 m² in garden associations and houses up to 50 m² throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, except for protected areas, provided they are registered as garden houses;
    * Outbuildings up to 80 m² (for example, if you need a heated workshop). 

In this case, we recommend choosing energy efficiency class B, which will be the most cost-effective option. 

What thickness of the SIP panel to choose? 

This depends on the type of the facade you are planning to use. Basically, there are two types of facades:

  • Wet facade, i.e. facade with water-based mixtures (plaster or clinker tiles).
  • Ventilated facade, such as slate stone (slate, thermally modified wood, metal, etc.)

In case of wet facade, based on the installation technology, you should not plaster or glue clinker tiles on SIP panels right away. Use a damper layer, for example foam (Neopor), which will be a perfect choice. 174 mm panel thickness will be enough. To achieve A++ energy efficiency class, you should also insulate the house with 150 mm foam. This method is the most technically correct, while plaster facade finish is the most cost-effective option. 

In case of a ventilated facade (slate stone, finish wood planks, metal, etc.), to achieve A++ energy efficiency class, you should choose panels, which are at least 324 mm thick. In our standard projects, we use 374 mm panels.

174 mm panels will be sufficient for an energy efficiency class B building, additional insulation is not.

What should I do after I have signed the contract for a SIP house kit supply? 

  • After signing the contract, you will be sent an architectural design, which includes:
    * Facades
    * General plans
    * Cross-sectional plans
    * Assembly details
    * Foundation layout
  • Decide on the type of the foundation and find a contractor. The foundation layout will be sent to you together with the architectural design after signing the contract. Please note that if you need a building permit, you cannot start the foundation work until you have obtained such a permit.
  • Wait for your house kit to be produced and shipped. On average, this process takes up to 21 business days, but some house kits may be already available in stock. 

How do I get a permit?

In case you need a building permit, your architect will need the architectural design that you will receive after signing the contract, to register the house you have chosen in your plot and perform all necessary procedures to obtain the permit. This process can take from 2 to 4 months, depending on the region. If you plan to build a house in a protected area or in old areas, which are often built-up irregularly, obtaining a permit can take up to 18 months. 

Can I be denied a permit?

Issuing a building permit is a formal procedure in most cases. Basically, you can build a house anywhere, except in legally protected areas, if you adhere to the requirements applicable to you or your architect in the municipality (where your plot is registered). If your plot is not located in a recreational area, a national park or in an area with protected historic architecture (e.g. Karklė), you will get a permit without much difficulty. The most common reason for the denial of a permit is improper documentation rather than the design you have chosen. 

To clarify all the details, please consult with an architect in advance. 

What type of foundation should I choose?

  • Houses made of SIP panels can be installed on any type of foundation. An important factor in choosing the type of foundation is soil composition and the level of groundwater at the site.
  • We strongly recommend performing geological research before choosing the foundation. It will allow you to prevent errors that may be challenging and expensive to correct later.

House kit installation?

  • You can order a full cycle installation by specifying this in the application form.
  • We will provide you with a list of installation teams we cooperate with. You can learn current prices for installation directly from them.
  • Installation takes 5-10 working days depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the site location.

Delivery of the house kit?

  • We can arrange the delivery and unloading of your house kit. To order this service, please mark the appropriate item in the application form.
  • We can ship materials from our warehouses in the transport ordered by the buyer as we work in accordance with Incoterms EXW international delivery terms. 
  • A house kit up to 80m2 fits into a standard truck.

Can a house kit be stored at my site?

  • If basic storage conditions are complied with, the house kit can be stored outside for a long time.
  • To protect SIP panels from adverse weather conditions, cover them fully with a dense film leaving ventilation gaps between the panels and the film.
  • Cover the bars with dense film leaving ventilation gaps between three or four rows of bars.
  • Store insulation foam and bitumen mastic at temperatures above 0 C° in a place protected from direct sunlight. 

Can I order a house kit of my own design?

We only sell standard house kits on our website. This allows you to get a well-thought-out design at the best price.

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